Royal Location Fully Functional To Receive Grain This Fall

Sep 13, 2020

Thank you for your show of support over the years and during the recent incident at our Royal location. We are most fortunate that no one was hurt, and that the location will be mostly functional this fall.    
Many industry experts, along with key leaders within Ag Partners, have provided guidance as to how we safely move forward this fall to facilitate the needs of our grain customers. Here is the status of our Royal location and our plan for this fall.   
We will be able to take grain this fall using dump 3.  Most of you are familiar with dump 3, we are pleased that this pit is functional as we move much of our fall receipts through this portion of our elevator. This pit can move 30,000 bushels per hour and can leg grain to all the functional storage space in Royal.  
We believe all bin space can be utilized this fall apart from 330,000 bushels of storage that is not usable due to the incident. Parts of the legging and conveyors need to be replaced; therefore, we have two millwright crews doing prep work, so we are ready to install parts as soon as we receive them. Parts will begin arriving over the next few days. We believe we can be partially functional within 10 days and fully functional sometime during the week of September 21st.
The scale and traffic routes for delivery remain the same as other years.
Many of you have signed up for text message updates through our grain department. For those of you who have not, please consider doing so. This technology gives you timely updates from any of our locations during harvest concerning grain delivery hours and other important information. Please contact your grain MSR if you are interested in signing up for this service.
The Royal customer base commitment to Ag Partners has never been more evident.  As a result, we will rebuild the Royal location in a way that will accommodate our customers’ needs for years to come.  
Thank you again for your support.
 Have a safe harvest.

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