Ag Partners Recognized as Founding Member of IAEP

Oct 15, 2018

Upah, Ag Partners LLC Recognized as Founding Member of IAEP
(left to right) Past Chairman Mark Morrissey, Chair-Elect Steve Meyerholz, Troy Upah of Ag Partners LLC, and AAI Board Chairman Mike Moellenbeck.
During the Candidate Forum this week, Agribusiness Association of Iowa (AAI) member company Ag Partners LLC was recognized as an Iowa Agribusiness Environmental Partnership Founding (IAEP) Member. Ag Partner LLC CEO Troy Upah accepted the award. The Ag Partners LLC is one of the 51 AAI members to join the IAEP during the founding period in 2017.
The IAEP was developed by the Agribusiness Association of Iowa Agronomy Committee. It clearly identifies the environmental guidelines agronomic advisers use when making recommendations to crop producers.
Partners in the program provide growers and the general public a clear understanding of the agribusiness sector's shared environmental values and commitments, leadership to assist farmers and landowners in advancing environmental stewardship, and progress toward meeting environmental goals.
There are currently 97 companies who have joined the IAEP. Not currently a member? Visit to join the partnership today.


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